Top 3 Postpartum Skin Issues

Postpartum Skin Issues

1. Dry/Dull Skin

Why? Hormonal changes in the body. The body loses more water while nursing or breastfeeding and all of this can lead to skin feeling tight, dry or even irritated.

Tip: - Keep water with you always! Keeping skin hydrated on the inside can help skin feel better on the outside. Include products in your routine that are hydrating and nourishing to repair and heal skin!

2. Breakouts

Why? Hormonal changes, stress to the body, and changes in skincare routines can create new breakouts on the skin postpartum.

Tip: Choose gentle, non-heavy skincare formulas to help reduce new breakouts. Seek dermatologist support if needed.

3. Hyperpigmentation

Why? Those lovely hormones that change after having a baby can also increase melanin production, creating dark patches on the skin

Tip: Wear sunscreen daily! Look for gentle skincare products that help to brighten skin like papaya extract or vitamin C.

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