3 Ways To Incorporate Self-Care As A New Mom

New Mom

As a new mom, finding time for anything “self” related can feel like its own chore, but it doesn't have to take too much time or energy. The goal is to find a few minutes to reconnect with yourself.

Here are 3 quick suggestions:

Take a little extra rest/sleep

Not the age old “sleep when baby is sleeping” because we know it doesn’t always work out like that. If you feel your body telling you and the baby is okay/asleep, take that nap or extra sleep. It can wait - the dishes, the laundry.

Get some fresh air

Taking a quick walk or time outdoors can do wonders for the mind and great vitamin D for the skin too.

Spend 5 extra minutes in the shower/bath

The laundry list of things to get done will still be there after, might as well show yourself a little extra self-care with a few extra minutes, if you can. Break out that new body wash, give your skin some extra exfoliation …or just let that water run over you for a little while longer.

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